Keyholding and Alarm Response

In the event of alarm activation, it is vital to be able to attend your premises within a 20 minute period. After this time, police are likely to withdraw response if no threats are found. Through our 24-hour control room, we ensure a timely response to any alarm. Attending personnel will alert the police and work with them to ensure the situation is contained and properly handled.


Keyholding services

Coupled with alarm response, one of the most important aspects of security is ensuring that a keyholder is designated, known and ready to respond at any time. With our keyholding services, we hold a set of keys for you at our control room, or in a secure on-site vault. Accessible only to authorised personnel, these allow a quick, capable response to any alarm call.


What our response offers to you:

  • Peace of mind, through alarm response with dedicated keyholders
  • Comfort, knowing that you will not be unnecessarily wakened during the night
  • Reduced risk to both you and your staff


Our Security Services

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